Paul  Anthony  Young  was  born  January  17th  1956. 

He  was  the  middle  child  of  three,  has  an  elder  brother  Mark  and  a  younger  sister  Joanne.  His  interest  in  music  dates  back  to  when

he  was  very  young,  when  he  learnt  to  play  piano  and  then  the  guitar.  On  leaving  school  he  worked  with  his  father  for  Vauxhall  Motors

and  played  in  various  bands  at  night.  He  played  Bass  guitar  in  his  first  band  but  eventually  lack  of  demand  for  bass

players  led  him  back  to  his  first  passion,  singing.  These  were  lean  times  musically  because  his  preferred  style  of  music  –Soul,  was  not  particularly  popular.  However  he  managed  to  sing  in  various  bands  such  as  Kat  Kool  &  The  Kool  Kats  and  later  in  the

better  known  Street  Band.

In  December  of  79’  the  Street  band  broke  up  and  Paul  went  on  to  form  the  Q- Tips.  During  the  next  two  years  Paul  introduced  himself  to  more  and  more  of  the  British  public  through  the  Q-­ Tips  extensive  touring  playing  700  shows  all  over  the  UK.  This  period  of  intense  activity  gave  Paul  the  chance  to  develop  his  unique

voice  and  stage  persona.  The  Q-­-Tips  went  their  separate  ways  at  the  end  of  82’  and  Paul  signed  as  a  solo  artist  with  CBS/SONY  Records.

Paul  really  came  into  his  own  with  a  formidably  accomplished  solo  debut  album,  “NO  PARLEZ”  released  in  83’  and  including  the  number  one

single  “Wherever  I  Lay  My  Hat”  which  maintained  the  number  1  spot  for  most  of  that  summer  followed  by  “Come  Back  And  Stay”  which

maintained  Paul’s  presence  at  the  top  of  the  charts.

With  the  release  of  his  second  album  “The  Secret  Of  Association”  and  the  success  of  “Every  Time You  Go  Away”  his  status  as  a  world  star

was  confirmed.  In  1987,  Paul  recorded  his  third  album  “Between  Two  Fires”  in  Milan  where  he  met  the  Italian  singer  Zucchero.  They  became

good  friends  and  were  later  to  collaborate  very  successfully.

One  of  the  highlights  of  the  1989  “Nelson  Mandela  Tribute  Concert”  was  Paul’s  performance of  the  Crowded  House  song  “Don’t  Dream

It’s  Over”  which  he  later  recorded  for  his  best  of  album.

There  followed  a  period  of  time  out  to  be  with  his  growing  family  followed  by  time  spent  in  America  where  he  was  to  record  in

Los  Angeles  and  New  York  the  material  for  his  fourth  album  “Other  Voices”.

In  1991  Paul  recorded  a  duet  with  his  friend  Zuchero  on  the  soon  to  be  worldwide  popular  “  Sensa  Una  Donna”  which  along  with  the

fore  mentioned  “Don’t  Dream  It’s  Over”  were  featured  on  his  best  of  album  “From  Time  To  Time”.

1992  was  spent  touring  the  world,  which  culminated  in  Paul’s  wonderful  appearance  at  the  “Freddie  Mercury  Tribute  Concert”  singing

“Radio  Gaga”  and  the  release  of  what  turned  out  to  be  his  final  album  for  Sony  “The  Crossing”.  Working  with  the  Producer  Don  Was

on  the  material  for  “The  Crossing”  Paul  was  exploring  new  style’s  of  music,  the  gulf  between  the  musical  past  and  the  future  had

begun  to  seem  impossible  to  bridge.  The  single  “Otis  Blue”  from  this  album  would  be  the  last  hit  single  with  Sony.  Once  freed  from  his

contract  Paul  took  time  out  to  take  a  breath  and  to  reflect,  “Every  artist  wants  to  change,  every  record  company,  wants  them  to

stay  the  same”.

Too  in  love  with  performing  to simply  sit  around  and  wait  until  he  had  new  material  to  perform,  Paul  responded  to  the  hiatus  in  his

career  by  calling  up  friends  and  suggesting  the  get  together  in  an  informal  group,  simply  for  fun!.

The  result  has  been  Los  Pacaminos,  surely  one  of  the  most accomplished  bar  bands  the  London  area  has  ever  seen.  For  the  past  24  years,

the  seven-­-strong  line-­-up  has  been  playing  publicly  two  or  three  times  a  month,  transforming  favoured  pubs  into  Tex-­-Mex  haunts  for  the  night  purely  by  their  musical  presence.  “It’s  total  escapism”,  says  Paul,  we  feature  an  accordion  player,  pedal  steel,

lot’s  of  harmonies  – which let  to  join  in  on,  “cos  I’m  just  one  of  five  other  guys  that  can  all  sing  lead.  It’s  drinking  music  really,  which  suits  me  fine”.

During  1996  Paul  prepared  new  material  with  long  time  collaborator,  singer / songwriter  Drew  Barfield,  he  set  about  assembling  a  collection  of  songs  which  became  the  self-titled album  “Paul  Young”.  This  was  full  of  introspective,  storyline  songs  inspired  by  Paul’s  trips  to  the  Southwest  of  America.  The  “Paul  Young”

album  was  released  on  the  East West  label  in  May  of  97’.

Although  the  single  “I  Wish  You  Love”  received  tremendous  support  from  radio  Paul  was  unhappy  with  the  overall

promotion  of  the  album.  I’m  older,  I’m  less  inclined  to  compromise  and  I  have  been  determined  to  evolve  as  an  artist,  he  says.

Now,  I’m  no  longer  content  to  be  just  the  singer.  I  need  to  be  in  control  of  the  whole  package.

To  further  this  aim  and  to  develop  his  songwriting  Paul  spent  time  in  Nashville  working  with  various  songwriters  along  with  his

continuing  working  relationship  with  Drew  Barfield  have  produced  various  cover  versions  of  their  songs  among  them  being  “Then  There’s  You”

by  The  Wilkinsons  and  “Tularosa”  by  Ray  Vega.

Early  in  1999,  saw  Paul  getting  together  again  with  his  friends  in  “Los  Pacaminos”  they  recorded  a  four  track  CD EP  that  found  it’s  way  into  London’s  only  Country  music  station  and  their  selfpenned  song  “Shadows  On  The  Rise”  was  played  on  heavy

rotation  for  three  months.  Paul,  “Obviously,  we’re  now  planning  an  album!.

During  the  summer  of  99’  Paul  undertook  a  tour  of  smaller  intimate  venues  across  the  UK.  Performing  new  and  old  material  with  stripped

down  arrangements  buile  around  his  voice  and  acoustic  guitar  with  piano,  accordion  and  backing  vocals  provided  by  long  time  musical

collaborator  Matt  Irving.  “Los  Pacaminos”  album,  entitled  “In  All  Their  Glory”  was  released  April  2002.

In  2006,  with  the  help  of  producer  Dieter  Falk  and  uber- arrangers Steve Sidwell and Simon Clark,  Paul  released  a  Swing  album  for  the  German,  Austrian  and  Swiss  markets  entitled  “Rock  Swings  –  On  The  Wild  Side  Of  Swing”.

Paul  continues  to  write,  record  and  play  live.  He  is  breaking  new  ground  each  year.  In  2009  he  toured  Israel,  New  Zealand  and  Croatia  for  the  first  time,  amongst  the  many  other  countries  he  regularly  visits.  These  dates

were  in  support  of  the  “No  Parlez  25th  Anniversary  Edition” re-release  of  his  first  solo  album.

During  the  last  couple  of  years  also  saw  around  this  time  Paul  enter  another  field  of  endeavor,  the  world  of  cooking.

The  opportunity  to  appear  with  his  friend  Marco  Pierre  White  on  his  television  show  “Hells  Kitchen”  could  not  be  turned  down!  This

appearance  led  to  Paul  appearing  on  various  TV  Cook  shows  such  as  “Saturday  Kitchen”  hosted  by  James  Martin  who  accompanied  Paul

along  with  the  “Hairy  Bikers”  on  a  Charity  Fun  Ride  on  their  respective  assortment  of  motorcycles.  Paul  has  also

appeared  at  several  food  trade  shows,  hosted  and  cooked  for  80  people  for  a  pre  show  dinner  at  the  O2  Arena  prior  to  a  Rod  Stewart

show.  Paul  continues  to  perform  with  various  friends  and  configurations  of  musicians.

During  2011,  Paul  was  invited  to  participate  in  a  series  of  shows  in  Denmark  organized  by  Jesper  Mortensen  (drummer  extraordinaire)  which

went  very  well  and Paul  has  continued  to  work  with  Jesper  and  his  group  of  musicians  on  various  dates  throughout  Europe.

2012  was  a  very  busy  year  for  Paul  with  the  release  and  promotion  of  his  first  published  Cookbook,  featuring  his  favourite  recipes  gathered  from  the  many

places  his  career  has  taken  him  to.  Also  Paul  performed  various  shows  throughout  the  year  with  visits  to  Russia,  Italy,  Israel  and  Germany

on  the  schedule.  2013/14  Whilst  touring  throughout  the  last  two  years  Paul  found  the  time  to  release  a  new  record  by  his  ongoing  side

venture  “Los  Pacaminos”  the  album  entitled  “A  Fist  Full  Of  Statins”,  released  thru  Cherry  Red  Records.

The  latter  part  of  2014  found  Paul  in  discussions  with  Producer  Arthur  Baker,  which  led  to  the  idea  of  making  an  album  of  their

favourite  &  neglected  Soul  tunes.  In  the  early  part  of  2015  Arthur  brought  on  to  the  project  as  co-producer James  Hallawell,  and  work  on  the  record  continued  throughout  the  year  subject  to  Paul’s  live  diary.

Towards  the  end  of  2015,  Paul  was  contacted  by  Gary  Barlow  (Take  That)  and  asked  to  consider  recording  a  song  for  a  soundtrack  that

Gary  was  producing  for  a  movie  based  around  the  story  of  Eddie  The  Eagle.  (Due  for  release  end  of  March  2016)  The  song  in  question

“People  Like  Us”  was  a  perfect  fit  for  Paul.

April 2016, saw Paul Young release his brand new album “Good  Thing”.  Paul has recorded a collection of Memphis Soul tunes and this will be Paul’s first soul album in 20 years.



HUE & CRYimage006

Brothers Patrick and Gregory Kane formed Hue and Cry in 1983, the duo made a huge impact in the late 80’s with the albums ‘Seduced and Abandoned’ and ‘Remote’ as well as the massive hit singles such as ‘Labour of Love.’ Albums like ‘Stars Crash Down’ and ‘Jazz Not Jazz’ ensured Hue and Cry’s continued triumph in the 1990’s, whilst the release of the hugely applauded ‘Open Soul’ in 2008 brought them firmly back into the limelight. The release of their seasonal album ‘Xmasday’ (2009) and live album ‘Bitter Suite, Again’ (2010), preceded the release of ‘Hot Wire’ (2012) which received rave reviews. To date Hue and Cry have sold in excess of two million records worldwide.

2014 signalled the 25th anniversary of the seminal Hue and Cry album ‘Remote’, released to not only huge acclaim but to multi-platinum success, spawning the singles ‘Ordinary Angel’, ‘Violently’ and ‘Looking For Linda’. To mark this Hue and Cry released ‘Remote: Major To Minor’ a multi – media celebration of ‘Remote’ which comes as a limited edition 48 page book containing four discs, including a re-worked and re-imagined version of the original album. In 2015 the brothers have returned to the live scene with both their piano & vocal format and their live full on band appearing as part of the Rewind Festival tour. 2015 also marked the centenary of Frank Sinatra’s birth an artist whose career has been a huge influence on Pat and Greg’s musical style. To celebrate they recorded ‘September Songs’ a covers album dedicated to the original Chairman of the Board. Hue and Cry are currently in the studio working on new material so watch this space!


Hue and Cry have garnered a wealth of publicity throughout their career and most recently with notable TV, Radio and Press outlets such as BBC Breakfast TV (BBC1); LIVE with Gabby TV (Channel 5); Jools Holland, Terry Wogan, Ken Bruce, Jeremy Vine (BBC Radio 2); Craig Charles (BBC 6 Music); Robert Elms (BBC London); Uncut, Record Collector, Mail on Sunday, The Independent, Daily Express, Scotsman.

Hue and Cry have sold tens of thousands of concert tickets worldwide, as well as performing alongside some of the greatest artists in music history, appearing with U2, James Brown, Madonna, Al Green and Van Morrison to name but a few. The duo were recognised by their peers when they were presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Scottish Music Awards.

Hue and Cry perform as an eight piece ‘full band’ line up or as a two piece ‘stripped’ line up.



PAUL YOUNG and Special Guests HUE  & CRY – December 2016 – UK Tour Dates:

Tuesday 6th December           

WREXHAM – William Aston Hall 

Box Office No:  0844 888 9991

Website –

Doors – 7.00pm 

Ticket Price – £25.00


Tuesday 6th December           

WREXHAM – William Aston Hall 

Box Office No:  0844 888 9991

Website –

Doors – 7.00pm 

Ticket Price – £25.00


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