Ellie: How did you first discover that you could sing?

Clare: I’ve been singing for a while. I was always into performing arts when I was younger. I was having lessons and taking part in little festivals and it was just something that I loved doing. So yes, I’ve always been passionate about it from a young age. That being said, I didn’t start taking it seriously until I left school.


Ellie: So, you’ve been singing for a very long time, when did songwriting come into play?

Well, I started off mainly doing cover gigs. I never considered songwriting. It was always just: I wanted to be a singer. That was the dream. Then a few years ago a friend suggested that I have a go at writing, so I did. I started writing little bits and working with a couple of musicians. I realized quite quickly that it was something I loved doing and I could become creative with and as time went on I started getting better and better at it.


Ellie: Do you still have any of your earlier attempts at songwriting?

Clare: Yes I do haha!


Ellie: Haha are there any really bad ones? Any really cringe?

Clare: You know what, it’s mad because they’re actually not that bad, they’re just quite simplistic. That’s how I’d describe them. It was more of an R&B style I was doing initially when I was writing. They were all very much love songs about boyfriends and the obvious stuff like breakups. I wouldn’t rule them out but that was the whole concept of every song. I need to show you them, don’t I?


Ellie: Haha! You really do!

Claire: You’ll laugh, you’ll definitely laugh!


Ellie: So you said R&B was the style you started off with, but that’s not really your style now, is it?

Clare: I guess there’s always an element of that incorporated into what I’m doing, because you know it’s been a big part of what I’ve listed to from a young age. My style is different from that now. That’s one thing I always say, it’s taken me years to find out what my style is and what feels right for me.



Ellie: And what would you say that is now?

Clare: Now, I mean obviously I’ve been doing a lot of the dance stuff, which I love! My last three singles were dance tracks. However, the EP I’m working on at the minute is Pop/Soulful/Electronic. Some of the tracks still have that dance element, but they’re completely different to anything I’ve done before.

The first track I wrote for it, is called ‘Falling’ is very personal. The track really puts my feelings on the line I guess, about a past a relationship. It’s not something I’ve ever written about before. I can’t wait for you to hear it El.


Ellie: You touched on your first two singles, take me through your debut single first.

Clare: So, ‘Cold’ was my debut single. I wrote that on keys & it was produced as a Pop/Dance track. Cold is about unrequited love. You’re not in love with the person, but you’ve still got feelings for them. You just can’t get close to them basically. That was the first track, I really wanted to get my love of dance music in, and Mike di Scala produced the tracks he’s amazing! I actually wrote the track about two years ago, and it’s only just come out this year. I guess things just take a lot longer than expected.


Ellie: Take me through the follow-up single.

Clare: So, ‘Voices’ was the follow up single. I wrote that when I was in Ibiza a couple of years ago. I got the concept and the idea of what I wanted to do when I was there. It’s just a feel-good, summer romance vibe with a dance feel to it.

Ellie: So talking of Ibiza, you went to Ibiza again this Summer, didn’t you?

Clare: Yes I did, but this time it was for work, so it wasn’t as… well no it was fun haha! I was there because I featured on a track for these producers called Komo, which got signed. So the label flew us out to Ibiza to film the video there. I met some really cool people there, and had an amazing team with me.


Ellie: Tell me about that track

Clare: So, that track is called ‘Let Me Love You’. We basically re-did an old track, an R&B track. It’s one of my favorite tracks from when I was younger so I was like ‘we have to do this track’. I think it’s current with the way things are going in the music industry at the minute. I sang the vocal on it, and Komo produced it.


Ellie: So, three singles under your belt, and you’re in the LIMF Academy this year.

Clare: Yes, I just applied online for the LIMF Academy through recommendation of a friend.


Ellie: What a great friend there haha!

Clare: Haha! Yes really good friend El! So I applied online, and wasn’t sure if I’d hear back and luckily I did. I’ve had a couple of meetings and met some great people through it, and it’s interesting because I actually looked at the line-up and there were a lot of artists on there that I’d never heard of before.


Music-wise you think you know everyone in the city but you don’t. It’s just great to see all the different types of music coming out of Liverpool, and how keen people are in progressing. It’s great and I’ve actually done some collaborations, which I’m working on at the minute, with two of the other artists in the LIMF academy. It’s all about meeting people and working on different projects, finding your style and seeing what works and what doesn’t.


Ellie: Coming from a city where there’s so much talent, and there are so many different genres and the artists are always of such a high standard, does that scare you? Does it make you work harder? Or does it just inspire you?

Clare: I guess it makes me want to work harder, because it’s a cut-throat industry at the end of the day. That is something I’ve realized massively this year, like just how hard it is. So I have to push myself, to get where I need to be. It’s most definitely a good thing 100%. I want to be working with people who are better than me, because I want to progress, so I want to be challenged.


Ellie: So what’s next for Clare Sophia then?

Clare: So, there’s the release of ‘Let Me Love You’. I’m also working on a couple of different writing projects & my own EP (which you already know about) I’m so excited!


I know exactly the style and the route I want to go down with it, so I’m probably going to take a few months out and just focus on getting it to how I want it. The EP is the next big thing for me now.


Ellie: OK, dream scenario, where is Clare Sophia in five years time?

Clare: I hate this question! I’d like to say I’ve signed some sort of publishing deal. That’s the goal at the end of the day. That’s what I’m putting all this hard work in for. I’d love to be writing for other people too.










Clare Sophia