Father’s Day wouldn’t be the same without a bit of dad dancing, so get your dad on the dancefloor at Liverpool’s basement disco Jenny’s and drink to a deal on fabulous 70s-tastic cocktails.

Take along a local restaurant receipt to get 20% off your bill, and there’ll be specials including a Daddy Cool made from rum, banana liqueur and chocolate bitters.




Because it’s your dad’s special day the least you can do is get the drinks in, but you might as well get a great deal and show him a hula good time while you’re at it.

Aloha, the Hawaiian-themed tiki basement bar on Colquitt Street, is always a fun night out and it’s offering a double-up deal for dads on Father’s Day so they can have a beer and a shot for a fiver, or get two-for-one on classic Old Fashioneds.





Furnival’s Well

An Old Fashioned – whisky, sugar and bitters – is definitely the coolest drink to order for dapper dads on Father’s Day – if it’s good enough for Mad Men’s Don Draper, it’s got to be good enough for your dad surely?

Say thanks for always doing the dad stuff by getting him one at Furnival’s Well in the old Bridewell on Campbell Square – but make sure you go to the bar yourself because then he’ll never know it was half price!



Whisky Business

You don’t have to take your dad out on Father’s Day to enjoy a drink with him – get him a bottle of something special to celebrate instead.

Whisky Business in Royal Institution on Colquitt Street are experts on fine spirits and general manager Murph’s got an equally fine deal – a free bottle of Underberg with every item bought as a gift (and he promises a gold star to anyone guessing the World Cup reference).