The World Transformed will take place in Liverpool alongside the Labour Party Conference 24 – 27 September.

As part of the Labour Party Conference fringe, Momentum will host four days of politics, art, music and culture, with the support of contributors including Ken Loach, Diane Abbott MP, Clive Lewis MP, Owen Jones, Ann Pettifor, Ed Hall, John McDonnell MP, the Chapman Brothers & Arabella Dorman. This series of events, called The World Transformed, is an important step in developing a new politics of participation and involvement.

The event will be a space of inclusive and respectful debate, discussion and ideas where attendees have the opportunity to contribute to a radical, positive vision for the 21st century. Attendees of The World Transformed will find contemporary struggles in conversation with new ideas. The event will also be an opportunity for often unheard grassroots voices to connect with the Labour movement.

With over 150 hours of workshops, talks, gigs, film screenings, art exhibitions, book launches, children’s activities, we aim to inspire all to take part in the new politics with their own ideas and contributions.

Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, said in a promotional video for the festival: “I’m going to be there, because I want to see a world transformed. All those people, with all those ideas, ambitions and energy, are going to be there as well. Come along and join us – you’ll have a great experience… Doing things together benefits us all, educates us all, makes us strong, and does change the world”.

Deborah Hermanns, an organiser of the event, said: “Politics is part of our everyday lives – in our living rooms, work places, art and culture – not just within formal debates and arguments.  With the inspiration of art, film and music, the World Transformed is the opportunity for us all to come together to be free to truly imagine a better future.”

“The World Transformed is about reclaiming politics from Westminster, and Liverpool is the ideal city to host the event. The event is free for all and accessible by providing free space, travel and accommodation for grassroots groups who would never be able to afford to exhibit at Labour conference. Politics shouldn’t just be for politicians. We want to build a movement that leaves no-one behind in its bid to empower communities and transform society.”