Choosing the best summer swimwear can sometimes be the last thing you want to do before your holiday, right? And guides intending to help you find the perfect swimwear style, all linking back to your body type? Those can often be even harder to stomach as they disuade rather than persuade you to go for the styles you’ve had bookmarked for months.


This summer we’re saying out with the guidelines that say you can’t, and in with an attitude that’s all about choosing what feels right for you, your holiday and your self confidence:

As the swimwear market expands to cater for all – slowly but surely – options in all shapes, sizes, colours and support are there to make sure you get to wear exactly what you want. No matter the number on the label.

There is one rule to follow, though. Fit. Your swimwear must fit you. It’s really no good wearing a piece – no matter how fabulous – if it simply does not work with your body. Ill-fitting pieces will not only leave you feeling uncomfortable, but it’s likely they will occupy your thoughts your whole holiday long. No, thank you.

Order online but always try on. Do a few star jumps and practice your poolside pose to get a feel for how it will shape up no matter what you’re getting up to. Hold it up to the light to see how transparent it becomes – unless you’re going for that Kendall Jenner summer vibe you definitely want to check this out.

Not many of us are able to get away with wearing a perfect set straight up, as most of us need a different size for tops and bottoms. Mix and match until you heart is content to come up with a swimwear formula that is all your own.

Here are Miss Vogue’s favourites to kickstart your summer swimwear wardrobe:

Here are Miss Vogue’s favourites to kickstart your summer swimwear wardrobe: