Could it be Third Time Lucky for Birkenhead’s Favourite Boxer?

We caught up with Scotty Cardle who was at the Million Dollar Crolla press conference, ahead of his big re-match, and asked Scotty, would he be up for a rematch of his own?

Masher from Birkenhead (WBC International Belt Holder) fought  the jock called Scott Cardle twice, the first fight was stopped in Cardles favour due to a cut on Mashers face, (controversial, as the cut was deemed by many not be have been bad enough) so Cardle got the win!

The second fight was a draw (all judges couldn’t split them) and so a third fight is not really on the cards as the both boxers were going there own ways until we posed the question.

Exclusive Media asked Cardle outright would he fight Masher again – he said maybe – so we went right to Mashers gym, Venture Boxing Gym in Birkenhead and spoke to Sean Masher Dodd and his Trainer Danny Kelly.

Is this a fight you would like to see again – was Masher robbed?