Download VYNCE’s new EP  Lust here

VYNCE, are a 4-piece indie-pop band from the Wirral, have worked over the past 2 years to create what they would deem to be the best songs they could possibly make. Time is seldom spend over-developing an ‘interesting’ riff but is channelled into making music that the boys hope that people will enjoy. Each song with irresistible vocal hooks and unforgettable guitar riffs, the band look to conquer 2016 with this exact recipe. VYNCE take musical influence from bands like The Cure and Foals, combining their frenetic guitars with the bold, pop melodies of bands like Oasis and Stone Roses.

The band consists of Peter Pegasiou (lead vox, guitar), Jack Kelsey (vox, guitar), Conor O’Shea (vox, bass) and Tom Davis (drums), aged between 20 and 22. Peter, the main songwriter of the group, didn’t fall naturally into music. In the early stages of secondary school he would use music as an escape from the pressures of conformation commonly found in such environments. His skin head made him an unlikely candidate to excel in any kind of art, let alone start singing in a band. Still without musical belief, Peter moved on to John Moores University to study a law degree; as did Tom Davis with Pharmacy. It wasn’t long before the two boys realised they were more interested in music than their predictably bland degree subjects. Jack Kelsey, met Peter at a gig where the two gelled for numerous reasons, including their childhood similarities in being successful sportsmen and getting in with the wrong crowd in school; including both of them being ‘prematurely released’ from their school studies. Conor, the only southerner of the band, was also spotted at a gig and asked to join the band. Ever since, the band haven’t looked back and have gone from strength to strength.
Having supported bands such as Prides, Fickle Friends, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Blossoms and JAWS, VYNCE have worked hard towards delivering a special performance at every show they play. They have featured heavily on local BBC Introducing radio shows such as Lancashire and Merseyside, including live sessions on BBC Radio Stoke and BBC Radio Lancashire! Most recently however, Dan O’Connell discovered the band’s only available song, ‘Lust’ which he was quick to feature as ‘the shock of the new’ on his Radio X show on 12/2/16.